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Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance Coverages

With respect to insurance, boats and personal watercraft are treated differently from land-based vehicles due to the fact they are on the water. Insurance companies typically offer boaters specialized coverage designed for special boat and personal watercraft situations. Boat insurance options range from personal effects replacement to fuel spill coverage.

What to Look For

Watercraft insurance protects several kinds of boats and personal watercraft, so policies will differ based on the type of vessel. When shopping for boat and watercraft insurance, consider these suggestions. If your boat or personal watercraft is too big or expensive to be covered through a homeowners policy, you might need watercraft insurance to protect it. Even if your boat is still eligible for coverage under your homeowners policy, you still may want specialized coverages that you just can't get with a homeowners policy.

Specialized Coverages

Watercraft insurance coverages go beyond standard homeowners policies. They can include roadside assistance, which covers towing of your boat or personal watercraft. On-water towing helps if you are stranded on the water. In addition, there are uninsured boaters coverage, fuel spill liability, and wreckage removal coverage. Without these, you might end up getting stuck with a bill for cleanups and removals. Personal effects coverage and fishing equipment coverage are also available.

Boat Insurance and Travel

Some insurance companies limit where you can and cannot go with your boat to still be covered. Some also charge you extra if you travel. So keep this in mind when shopping for boat and watercraft insurance.

Replacement Cost

Boats and personal watercraft depreciate in value like cars do. A homeowners policy will only pay you actual cash value for your boat or personal watercraft, which means after depreciation has been subtracted. This could make it difficult to replace if it's destroyed. With boat and watercraft insurance, not only do you have the actual cash value option, but typically also the total loss replacement option. With total loss replacement, your boat or personal watercraft will be replaced with a brand new model if your loss is within the first five model years. Another option available with boat and watercraft insurance is agreed value coverage.

Contact Us for Answers & Get a Quote

Understanding what coverages are available with boat and watercraft insurance and understanding how they might overlap with other insurance policies can be confusing. Save a lot of time researching and shopping by talking to an expert. Here at American Adventure Insurance, we specialize in boat insurance, and work with the top boat insurance companies such as Progressive, Foremost, and Victoria/Titan, and others. These A-rated companies provide great coverage, and since we shop for you, you can get a great deal, too. Our licensed insurance agents are ready to answer your boat and watercraft insurance questions. So save money and time and call us today at 1-888-930-3680 to talk to a licensed agent, or request a boat insurance quote online.