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Boat Insurance Discounts

Looking to save money on boat insurance? Of course you are. But if you are looking for boat insurance to protect your pride and joy, you want to understand the various coverage and rate options, as well as the available discounts.

Several companies offer discounts on boat insurance rates such as a discount if you have zero at-fault accidents during your previous policy period. Other discounts include homeowner, multiple vessel and/or multiple policy discounts. If you have idle assisted steering on your personal watercraft, some companies offer a discounted rate. In addition, if you are the original owner, you could qualify for a discount. Most companies also offer a discount for a sustained period without an accident or violation on your driving record. If you complete a boating safety course, you could qualify for a discount if the course has been approved by the insurance company.

Know Your Boat Insurance Discount Options

Keeping track of all the boat insurance coverages, rates, and discounts can be a chore, so it's a good idea to talk with a licensed insurance agent that knows boat insurance. Here at American Adventure Insurance, we have several licensed insurance agents that know boat insurance forward and backward. Our agents would be happy to help you decide on the right mix of coverage and rates. Because we represent the top boat insurance companies, we shop their rates and can get you a great deal, too. Call us today, 1-888-930-3680 or request a boat insurance quote online.