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Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Who doesn't like to save money? When shopping for motorcycle insurance, make sure to keep an eye out for discounts. You may actually already qualify for significant discounts if you insure more than one bike or already have another policy with the same company.

Claims-Free Renewal

Many companies give discounts if you do not have any no-fault accidents during the previous policy period.

Homeowner Discounts

Get a discount on your motorcycle policy if you own your own home.

LoJack Discounts

Some companies offer discounts for LoJack or other locator services.

Full Payment Discounts

Insurance companies love to get paid for the full policy at once, so they offer incentive discounts.

Prompt Payment Discounts

Similar to discounts for paying in full, some insurance companies provide discounts to their customers that pay on time.

Responsible Driver Discounts

If you have been with the same insurance company for several years without any accidents or violations, you may quialify for a discount.

Safety Course

Completing an approved safety course could earn you a discount with many insurance companies.

Get the Lowdown on Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

To understand the various discounts you might qualify for, talk to a motorcycle insurance specialist. Here at American Adventure Insurance, we specialize in motorcycle and RV insurance. One of our licensed agents would be happy to discuss motorcycle insurance with you and help you decide on the best mix of coverages and rates. Call us today at 1-888-930-3680 or request a motorcycle insurance quote online.