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RV & Auto Insurance Comparison

If you're looking to insure your RV, motor home, or travel trailer it would be our pleasure to help you find the best rates and coverage on the market today. It's not a good decision to insure your RV with a typical auto insurance policy. Your recreational vehicle deserves a specialized insurance policy that is customized for you and your RV. To show you the benefits of insuring your RV with one of our top companies let's compare standard auto insurance and specialized RV insurance.

  Typical Auto
Total Loss Replacement No Yes
24/7 Towing and Roadside Assistance No Yes
Personal Item Replacement No Yes
Damage to Awnings and Satellite Dishes No Yes
Emergency Vacation Expenses No Yes
Campsite Liability No Yes
Full-Timers Coverage No Yes
Discount for RV Association Membership No Yes
Discount for Safety Course and CDL No Yes

If that's not enough, a standard auto insurance policy for your RV will likely cost more than a specialized RV policy from one of our top ranking insurance companies. Our top rated RV insurance companies include Progressive Insurance, Blue Sky, National Interstate, American Modern, and more.

So as you compare RV insurance and auto insurance, you'll realize that it's very important to invest in a specialized RV insurance policy. You can save money and receive better coverage for your RV.

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